Spring 2023 5 frame Nucs - $250

Spring 2023 5 frame Nucs - $250

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Reserve your bees by paying $125 down (non-refundable) to secure your nuc, with the balance due at pickup in April 2023.First come first served. Make sure you put your contact info at checkout. We will call you to give you updates as to when to pickup. 

5 frame nucs with a  queen.  Nucs are for pick up only from our location in Celina. 

 Italian/Carniolan queen bees are bred for gentleness, honey production and resistance to disease and mites.

All nucs have 5 frames with a mixture of worker bees, nurse bees, drones, and a mated queen.  We do not require a frame or box exchange. 

First come first served!