Introduction to Beekeeping Class

Introduction to Beekeeping Class

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Come on out to Celina and enjoy a Saturday (or weekday) morning with bees and honey. We provide the bee suit and gloves, and you may find a new relaxing hobby!

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Learn all the fundamentals of backyard bee keeping. Through discussion and hands-on instruction you will learn about the infrastructure of a working hive, production of honey & pollen, and the queen.

During this 3-hour Introduction to Beekeeping Class students will have the opportunity to:

  • Suit up in full beekeeper gear and explore an active hive.
  • Learn about the hive. Receive a hands-on education of the construction and inner workings of a beehive.
  • Where's the honey? Go into an active hive to find honey, pollen, and learn about the roles of the bees including the beloved Queen.
  • Questions answered with an open Q&A session. Allowing students to reflect on the day's activities, you are given the chance to ask any questions you may have about bees, hives, honey, pollen, & backyard beekeeping.