Introduction to Beekeeping Class

Introduction to Beekeeping Class

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***Call 214-315-4400 for availability. Class size and times are limited. 

Right now, we are only booking private classes, up to two people from the same group.

Here's how to schedule a class

1) After checkout, look at the upcoming week's weather. It needs to be over 60 degrees.

2) Call or text us your availability for the upcoming week or two.

3) We'll confirm class days & times that work for both of us. 

Come on out to Celina and enjoy a Saturday (or weekday) morning with bees and honey. We provide the bee suit and gloves, and you may find a new relaxing hobby!

Learn all the fundamentals of backyard bee keeping. Through discussion and hands-on instruction you will learn about the infrastructure of a working hive, production of honey & pollen, and the queen.

During this 2-hour Introduction to Beekeeping Class students will have the opportunity to:

  • Suit up in full beekeeper gear and explore an active hive.
  • Learn about the hive. Receive a hands-on education of the construction and inner workings of a beehive.
  • Where's the honey? Go into an active hive to find honey, pollen, and learn about the roles of the bees including the beloved Queen.
  • Questions answered with an open Q&A session. Allowing students to reflect on the day's activities, you are given the chance to ask any questions you may have about bees, hives, honey, pollen, & backyard beekeeping.