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Have you ever wondered why a bottle of typical store-bought honey tastes the same whether you buy it in this location or “What is this and where exactly is it from?”

In nature, bees make honey from the nectar of flowers near the hive. Nectar from different flowers makes honey varieties that look and taste different. A beekeeper might even have different flavors of honey within the same hive!

At Huckle Bee Farm, we are farmers, not formula scientists. We find sustainable ways to care for our honey bees, such as using strategic hive placement. When it’s time to harvest the honey, we take extra care to leave plenty of honey and other resources for the bees to eat throughout the winter. Just like other good animal farmers, we treat our bees for diseases and pests in ways that are safe for you the consumer and the honey bees. We filter and bottle our honey in the same way, with your health in mind, so that each bottle of Huckle Bee’s honey contains straight-from-the-hive health benefits. So, enjoy the different tastes and colors you may find in each bottle of Huckle Bee’s honey.

Different tastes, same greatness.

Huckle Bee Farm in Celina, Texas.

Enjoy local.